Welcome to the Money No More blog, a discussion and information site dedicated to exploring alternatives to the current worldwide monetary system that has culminated, after thousands of years of use (and abuse), in a worldwide crisis of confidence in money. Here you will find various resources, links, videos, and most importantly, discussion about how our current system can be replaced. Yes...replaced!!!

Am I insane? Should I be put away in an asylum, or just quiety dismissed as a lunatic not worthy of serious attention? After all, money is the bedrock upon which all of modern society is founded. It has been around for thousands of years, and it is all anyone has ever really known from childhood. How can anyone be taken seriously in thinking that it can or should be replaced with something else?

In answer to such doubters, I would simply like to point out a few things and ask some questions of my own, namely...

Does money do more harm than good in society? That is, when one considers the ease with which the current system can be manipulated and abused, and thus utilized by the power-elite to control not only industries, but even entire nations, is not at least some degree of investigation required as to how the situation could be remedied? With global capitalism fueled by greed and the profit motive now taking over the entire planet, and thus pushing natural resources and various species to the very brink of extinction, is it not more sane
 to be discussing alternatives to the status quo rather than just to continue on this path to ultimate unsustainability?

People thought up money...it is NOT a force of nature. People are raised from childhood with the concept of money, and thus do not even question its use. Most people do not even know what money even is. They just know they need it to buy things and pay their bills, and they equate it with survival in the modern world. To most, it seems as natural a part of their world as the air they breathe...and just as important in sustaining their lives. But money is artificial. It is a medium of exchange that was conceived thousands of years ago as a means of convenience to replace the barter system. Since mankind created it, it can be modified or replaced if it no longer serves a beneficial purpose. So the obvious question to be asked is "Is money beneficial now?" To the mega-wealthy class that rules the world, this is undoubtedly true for them. For the average person, however, the answer would likely be one of less certainty in the positive, and more than likely more certainty in the negative. For the vast majority of people, money has become a type of prison. We have handed over the keys to this prison to a few guards and prison owners who now control the entire world and all of us in it. This blog is dedicated to trying to get the keys back (or, more accurately, to obtain a different set of keys) in order to free ourselves from the tyranny of the current monetary system.

But am I not pretty much asking the impossible? Isn't money just too entrenched worldwide to ever be replaced? The way I see it, all that is required to convince people to believe in alternatives is to show them that the new model is superior to what currently exists. For example, people used horses for thousands of years until someone had a new idea that eventually became the automobile. After a few of them were produced, and people started to see their advantages, the horse was gradually replaced (perhaps not so gradually),  especially after Henry Ford figured out how to mass produce them at a price everyone could afford. Another example is the simple hand-written letter. That is all people had for hundreds of years until the Internet and email pretty much brought that quaint custom to an end.  So just because something has been around for a very long time doesn't mean something else can't come along using different technology to replace it.

I could go on and on about why money should be replaced. Hopefully you can begin to learn about alternatives to money on this blog and, ideally, will contribute worthy ideas as to how we can hasten its demise. There is immeasurable damage being done with it and, in this writer's opinion, it has far outlived its usefulness. Science and technology has progressed tremendously in the last 100 years. Why must we remain shackled to something as ancient and antiquated as money? It is time for a new paradigm that can utilize new technology to its fullest; to bring human labor and consumption in line with finite natural resources. Unless we try to do something, the current unsustainable growth paradigm will lead us or our progeny to a very undesirable outcome at some future point. Every rational person can see that trend coming, yet we continue on our present course with our collective heads "buried in the sand". 

Let's pull our heads out of that sand and get to work putting something sustainable together; something much more fair and equitable; something that doesn't allow for vast wealth and vast debt; something that actually works for the benefit of all mankind. Our  survival and the survival of the world's various species may very well depend on a radical transformation that eliminates greed and the profit motive by eliminating the possibility of vast wealth and vast debt accumulation. The ultimate goal should be to provide all of our planet's human inhabitants with a comfortable middle-class standard of living while eliminating the wealthy and ultra-wealthy class, as well as raising up those in poverty to at least a lower-middle class lifestyle (at least that is my personal vision/goal for humanity in advocating that we have Money No More).

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